Revival Residents Community Association - ward grant report 2017-2018

Published Friday, 20th October 2017

Revival Residents Community Association - ward grant report 2017-2018

The Revival Residents Community Association received a ward grant from Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward for 2017-2018 towards the Family Fun Day on 16 July 2017 on the Revival Estate.

The applicant reported as follows:

''Our Fun Day actively promoted 'Increasing Community Involvement and Interaction'.As a new mixed housing estate, this gave all residents the opportunity to meet in a relaxed, fun environment. Residents contributed by providing tombola prizes and cakes for the cake stall, which all helped to raise funds which will be used for future resident events. Wendy and Brenda, Community Champions from our local Tesco ran the tombola and provided prizes.

We also requested raffle prize donations from a number of local businesses, some of whom live on the Revival Estate. Several residents helped to run the raffle, sell the cakes and set up the space hopper course.

Everyone from Revival was invited by Facebook, email and leaflet drop with leaflets provided for free by two of our residents and delivered by local volunteers, including a number of children from the estate. Revival children also helped set some of the games up and helped to rehearse them before the day.

This was our second Fun Day - the main attraction was a very large obstacle course which proved extremely popular and was well used thoughout the day. We increased the number of staff on duty (to two) in order to ensure a high standard of Health and Safety. We invited a local ice cream van who gave us 10% of their takings.

We raised a total of £450 which will be used to support future events, the next event being at Hallow'een and also to help support and set up various clubs on Revival. A gardening club has recently been established so we will be able to donate funds for this.

We attracted a good number of residents with increased attendance over last year; it's hard to say how many people exactly but at least 200.'

We also had very good feedback on the Revival facebook page:

"Great afternoon. Thanks so much to all who helped make it such."

"The giant inflatable looked fab ! Glad the weather was nice for it too."

"The kids had a great time - thank you everyone for organising it!"

"We all had a fantastic day. Thank you."

"Brilliant day - thanks for all the effort and hard work put in!"

"Sorry we couldn't be there! Sounds like everyone had a fabulous day."

"We had a lovely time!"

"Thanks to all who helped bring it together."

"It was lovely, thank you very much. The giant obstacle course was a fantastic idea!"

"The community was brought together and everyone had a good time and interacted with their fellow residents, so it was a very sociable event. In addition, it was an opportunity for young persons to mix with other children who they didn’t know before. Because of the ward funding, we have now purchased a pop-up shelter which means we can make use of this for future events to bring people together."

Residents really enjoy these events and it does help foster a sense of wellbeing on Revival. Although we had some excellent helpers on the day, we need a few more as it seems to fall to the same people to help on the day. We need to assign specific tasks to people for the day rather than let them choose what they fancy doing! More help is also needed in the planning stages.
We also needed cold drinks as was a warm day, so we need to consider food and drink requirements more carefully for future events.'

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