Friends of Hob Moor - ward grant report 2016-17

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Published Thursday, 31st August 2017

Friends of Hob Moor - ward grant report 2016-17

The Friends of Hob Moor received a ward grant from Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward in 2016-17 to pay for a new notice board, repairs to existing notice boards and a new bench.

The applicant reported as follows:

''Friends of Hob Moor (FOHM) are a local community group involving over 140 local residents within the organisation. A newsletter and leaflets have been delivered to local residents bordering on to Hob Moor. We have used the Ward Committee Meetings to advertise the notice board and bench to a wider, but local audience. The Committee of FOHM undertook discussions regarding the location of the bench and notice board with the help of City of York Council (CYC) employees.

We installed a notice board which gives information to local residents about the history of and items of interest on Hob Moor, a Local Nature Reserve as identified by DEFRA and CYC. This Notice Board was installed by CYC contractors and was positioned to allow residents accessing the Moor on the path and cycle track near the new housing estate near Windsor Garth to view information about the Moor.

The bench was also placed near to this area, to allow local residents to sit and take in the natural beauty of this unspoilt pastureland.

The installation of this bench and notice board allows Hob Moor to continue to be an area that is well used by local residents, dog walkers, walkers, joggers and environmentalists. It allows the residents of the new housing estate to gain knowledge of Hob Moor. In conjunction with the events that are undertaken by FOHM such as the Bat Walk, Butterfly Walk, History Walk and litter-picking on the Moor, it enables Hob Moor to continue to be used as a historic open space, valued and used extensively by local residents.

The benches that are installed on Hob Moor, including the new bench supported by this grant, help local residents to meet and talk to each other. Many older local residents use this space to walk their dogs and to meet with and talk to other local residents. There is quite a ‘dog walking community’. This helps with social cohesion within the ward and also helps to ensure that older local residents feel less isolated. It also allows local residents to walk on the Moor, using the benches as resting areas, if necessary, and improve their motivation and healthy lifestyle. The Notice Board provides stimulating knowledge of local history.

We have learned a great deal from the installation of these benches and notice boards in conjunction with our newsletters and discussions with local residents. We have learned that spaces such as Hob Moor allow local residents the freedom to walk and appreciate the history, environment and unspoiled nature of the area. These places are important to local residents, their wellbeing and the cohesion of the local community.''

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