Yorkey Dads - ward grant report 2016-17

Published Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

Yorkey Dads - ward grant report 2016-17

Yorkey Dads received a ward grant from Westfield Ward in 2016-17 towards their summer fair.

Yorkey Dads reported as follows:

"We ran a summer community event promoting friendship and confidence amongst parents, particularly dads and children.

We encouraged families to attend, in order to interact with local services and each other.

Local groups, children's groups, businesses and the police were all involved. The event was held at the Foxwood Community Centre in the heart of the community, making it accessible for all.

The event featured attractions such as face painters, food, refreshments, cake stalls, a climbing wall, an animal and reptile show and a Disney impersonator.

We estimate that over 300 people attended. People met with other families in the local area, they also met with local service providers.

The event helped to reduced social isolation and improved motivation in the local community.

It takes a lot of time and effort to organise but the end result is worth it."

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