Report from the Westfield Ward Team meeting held on 18 July 2017

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Published Friday, 28th July 2017

Report from the Westfield Ward team meeting held on 18 July 2017

The following update on the ward budget was given by the Community Involvement Officer, Michal Czekajlo:

• £500 was set aside for a feasibility study to assess if the steps at both entranceways to the alleyway between Askham Grove and Tennent Road could be replaced with sloped paving to make them disabled/pushchair friendly (Ward Scheme WE-16-14). The study concludes that ’’it is not feasible to remove the existing steps and install a full length ramp because the available length is not long enough to provide a ramp that meets standards.’’ Technicians were asked to suggest alternative improvement options for the location.

• £420 was spent on Hawkshead Close footpath repairs (Ward Scheme WE-16-12).

• £610 was spent to fund two skips for hard plastic items at Foxwood Community Centre (Ward Scheme WE-16-19).

• £2,000 has been set aside to cover the costs of design, printing and delivery of the July 2017 ward newsletter (Ward Scheme WE-17-07).

• £12,000 Street Environment Issues fund (Ward Scheme WE-16-22); £700 was paid to Acomb Explore for flower tubs; £557 was used to purchase paint and brushes for Community Payback to paint cycle hoops and railings at various locations across the ward; £570 was allocated for surface repairs to Kingsway West multi-use games area.

• £500 contribution to Acomb Triathlon on Saturday 29 July 2017 (Ward Scheme WE-16-23).

• £6,841 funding to tackle anti-social behaviour across the ward (Ward Scheme WE-16-26; includes unspent Ward Scheme WE-15-15). Out of that fund, £376 was allocated to pay for CCTV maintenance on Bramham Road between September 2017 to September 2018.

• £2,000 Support for Sportsfields fund (Ward Scheme WE-16-07). £479 was paid for the installation of a goal post at Foxwood Park. The remaining amount was transferred to tackle anti-social behaviour in the Chapelfields area.

• £8,000 fund to be used for maintenance, trimming and replacement of trees on council land (Ward Scheme WE-16-17); £1,950 was spent in May 2017:
- trimming branches at the back of 25 Bachelor Hill from the communal garden side
- trimming branches obstructing street lights close to 40, 60 and 69 Ridgeway
- trimming branches obstructing a street light in snicket leading from Grange Lane to Walton Place/Parker Avenue
- trimming branches obstructing a street light outside 30 St. Stephen's Road
- trimming branches obstructing a street light on Bellhouse Way next to Foxwood Field opposite Community Centre
- trimming branches overhanging a snicket between 30 and 38 Gale Lane
- trimming branches overhanging a snicket between Tennent Road and Askham Grove
- removal of dead trees near Foresters Walk (ongoing)

The second list of requests is with the council’s Arboricultural Manager.

• £3,521 funding to tackle anti-social behaviour in the Chapelfields area (Ward Scheme WE-16-20):
A multi-agency team involving police, LAT and Public Health as well as local community groups will seek to address anti-social behaviour through targeted diversionary activities for local children and young people. This will link to the Communities that Care programme which is being developed by the local police. The fund of £3,521 agreed on 14 March 2017 consists of £2,000 from a ballot in November 2016 and £1,521 from the underspent Support for Sportsfields fund. Out of that fund, £500 was paid for Urbie sessions (a community youth activity bus project).

• £2,000 funding for organised activities at the multi-games area between Kingsway West and Hob Moor Primary (Ward Scheme WE-16-21).

• £2,000 funding towards the deep cleaning of shopping areas in Green Lane and Beagle Ridge/Foxwood Lane (Ward Scheme WE-16-25).

• £500 funding offered to Foxwood Residents’ Association to install a bench at Foxwood Park. (Ward Scheme WE-16-27. This fund was initially allocated for a bench at the junction of Lowfields shops and Dijon Avenue. However, following consulation, the majority of respondents were against the proposal due to concerns about possible anti-social behaviour in the area).

• £1,250 allocated for the replenishment of 6 salt bins during the coming winter (Ward Scheme WE-17-05).

• £4,382 to continue with grounds maintenance in 2017-18 (Ward Scheme WE-17-08).

From the Street Environment Issues fund (Ward Scheme WE-16-22), the Ward Committee decided to use:
• £1,000 towards the purchase of ‘no fly tipping’ signs to be placed at various locations across the ward
• £1,500 towards an anti-litter campaign involving local schools, community groups and other partners
• £2,000 towards community clean up days in Foxwood, Chapelfields, Cornlands and Lowfields

This leaves £22,842 in the ward budget still to be allocated. Further funding recommendations will be made in the coming months by the Ward Committee taking the outcomes of the recent Ward Schemes ballot into consideration. The progress of ward-funded capital schemes is currently being discussed with Highways.

Information about Ward Committee approved funding can be accessed via the York Open Data portal.

The second item of the meeting was an information share about daytime activity provision for senior residents:
AGE UK York directory contains information about a range of activities taking place locally
Chapelfields Community Hub at Sanderson House offers craft activities, games, budgeting advice, health information, free use of computers every Thursday from 9am to midday
• Foxy Crafters group offers arts and craft activities and socialising opportunities on Thursday mornings from 10am to midday at Foxwood Community Centre

A provisional date (26 September 2017) was agreed for a joint Ward Committee event with Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward. More information will be provided via the usual channels, including on our Westfield Ward committee meetings page nearer the time.

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