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People in York urged to boost their immunity

Published Thursday, 24 November 2022

Residents are being encouraged to book their booster jabs for COVID-19 and flu as soon as possible.

As the temperatures drop, people in York are being urged to get both their Flu and COVID-19 booster jabs, to boost immunity ahead of mixing with friends and relatives during the oncoming Christmas season and protect people most vulnerable to these deadly viruses.

Many residents have not yet had their COVID-19 vaccine and City of York Council is asking that everyone considers getting their jab as soon as possible. NHS guidance has highlighted the winter COVID-19 booster helps speed up recovery and prevent serious illness caused by the virus. Protection from the COVID-19 vaccine fades over time which is why many people are being offered another dose.

Sharon Stoltz, City of York Council Director of Public Health said:

Getting vaccinated for both flu and COVID-19 is important this year as we’ll have both viruses circulating at the same time.

“The flu virus changes every year which is why we have a new vaccination each winter, even if you had a flu vaccination last year, you still need this year’s to protect you from the circulating strain”.

Councillor Carol Runciman, City of York’s Executive Member for Health and Adult Social Care said:

The message is clear. Everyone eligible should get boosted for both COVID-19 and Flu, as soon as possible, to protect themselves, their loved ones and the vulnerable people they meet in the run up to Christmas.

“Getting your COVID-19 booster and annual winter flu jab is quick and easy at York’s walk-in vaccination centre and the opening times make it easier for people to fit this into busy their schedules. The option to attend a Community Pharmacy is also available.”

Dr Daniel Kimberling who is a GP and Medical Director at Nimbuscare – who are the provider of primary healthcare services in the city of York - added:

I would urge everyone in York who is eligible, to get vaccinated and boosted as soon as possible.

“Although infection levels are lower than previous years, we are still seeing many COVID-19 cases in the city and we expect to see more.

“The number of hospital admissions for flu have been increasing in York, so I would also remind people that it’s equally as important to receive a flu vaccination”.

“With Christmas on the way, people should get both their flu and COVID-19 jabs to protect themselves and the family and friends they will be meeting and celebrating with; especially those people who are elderly or vulnerable.”

COVID-19 vaccinations are available from the Askham Bar Community Care Centre and from any of the Citywide Pharmacies across the city. NIMBUS care have extended their offer for people to get their COVID-19 booster vaccination by allowing people to walk in with no appointment needed. Askham Bar Community Care Centre is open from 8:30am-7pm Monday to Friday and from 8:30am-1pm on Saturdays.

These are Citywide pharmacy sites offering COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Tower Court Pharmacy, Clifton Moor, YO30 4WL
  • Poppleton Pharmacy, Upper Poppleton, YO26 6DF
  • Water End Pharmacy, Boroughbridge Road, YO26 5RU
  • Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy, YO23 IJJ
  • Wigginton Recreation Hall YO32 2LL
  • Burnholme Sports Centre, Mossdale Avenue, Tang Hall, YO31 0HA
  • St Lawrence Church Hall, Lawrence Street. YO10 3WP
  • Huntington Pharmacy, Huntington Surgery, YO32 9RU
  • Haxby Pharmacy, Haxby and Wiggington Health Centre, YO32 2ZB
  • Fulford Pharmacy, Main Street, YO10 4PN

You must book a vaccination on the Citywide website before attending.

People are also reminded that flu vaccinations are available from most of our High street pharmacies across the city, but we suggest you enquire at your local pharmacy to see if an appointment is required or not.