Planning and building

Castle Gateway Masterplan - Residential development at Castle Mills

Planning applications for the first 'work package' (of four) for the Castle Gateway master plan have now been submitted (autumn 2019) for a residential development in the Castle Mills area and multi-storey car park at St George’s Field.

Development at Castle Mills

The vision for the old Castle Mills Car Park site is a residential apartment development with commercial space at ground floor level, to create an active street frontage. Together with a new public square allowing access to the river and the new pedestrian/cycle bridge over the Foss, this is a key part of turning Piccadilly into a vibrant city-living neighbourhood. The new bridge will play a large role in reshaping how the area is used, connecting Piccadilly’s community to the Castle Museum, and the riverside cycle and pedestrian routes which will flow around it.

Castle Mills will provide high quality apartments with riverside balconies overlooking Clifford’s Tower; penthouses on the top floor will create an interested and varied 'roofscape', to compliment York’s historic skyline.

As the designer and developer, we can actively contribute to the quality and design standards on Piccadilly, while generating money for the public purse towards the delivery of the Castle Gateway Master plan. The entire southern block will deliver 20 affordable homes from the total of 106 apartments. See floor plans and proposed apartment sizes.

In response to the council's climate change framework and action plan we are leading the way by making this a car free development. Removing the car parking allows more commercial space at ground floor and make more of the site's river facing views.

An artist's impression of the new Castle Mills bridge from a distance. An artist's impression of a view from the new Castle Mills bridge. An artist's impression of an aerial view of the Castle Mills landscape master plan. An artist's impression showing apartment blocks at the Piccadilly complex.

Bridge over the River Foss

The same sewer which shaped the St George’s Field car park impacts this design for a residential development on the old Castle Mills Car Park site. The main sewer, which runs under the Foss, cannot be diverted. As a result, we’ve designed 2 buildings rather than one. This also means the original ‘kissing’ bridge will no longer possible, so we're proposing a single span bridge landing between the two new buildings. The Bridge will be a shared space between pedestrians and cyclists. See details of the design for the new Castle Mills bridge over the River Foss on the My Castle Gateway blog.

Twin span bridge, not possible due to existing sewer

Twin span bridge, not possible due to existing sewer

Plans showing a single span bridge and two building blocks.

Plans showing a single span bridge and two building blocks

Plans showing the current development principles.

Plans showing the current development principles

Public spaces at Castle Mills

Two new public spaces will be created, linked by the new bridge, to support the Castle Gateway Master plan

Land to the rear of the Castle Museum will be landscaped and opened up to create public access with new pedestrian and cycle routes to and from St George's Field and the wider city to the South and East.

The new public space between the 2 Castle Mills apartment buildings will create new pedestrian and cycle links to and from Piccadilly, the River Foss and beyond.

Both will create new connections and spaces for people to stop and enjoy views of the river.

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