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Health and social care

Local offer for care leavers

What we offer: being involved

We want to hear your views; we want you to have the opportunity to enjoy social events and be a part of the great city you live in.

We offer:

  • a bus pass from the age of 16 to the age of 21
  • participation and consultation meetings
  • to invite you to care leaver social events
  • to help you participate in positive leisure activities
  • support to help you to attend and have a voice at meetings about you
  • to help you to enrol on the Electoral Register, so you can vote in elections
  • advice and help to challenge any discrimination you face
  • participation work; young people can be paid for their time when involved in consultation, recruitment interviews, designing publicity materials for CYPIC, and care leaver events

Tips from Care leavers

Being involved usually requires having to travel. The provision of a bus means you can get to work, events, meetings, appointments and importantly, get home safely at night (especially in winter). This is great!

If you want to be more involved, contact details are on the SMTIM and ISM newsletters and web pages. Or just speak to a member of the ISM, your social worker, or pathway worker. Get in touch! Your views are important and really valued.

Social events are great, and we get to choose and organise them. For example, summer trips, meals out, cinema, Christmas lunch.

At 18 you have a right to vote on how the country is run, “have your say”. No one should suffer discrimination for any reason, especially not for being a care leaver.

Doing voluntary work is a great way to get to know people and contribute to the community you live in.

Also see

Pathway Team

Howe Hill, 136 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4HA

Telephone: 01904 555389