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Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park walk and cycle route improvements

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority 'CityConnect' programme is working in partnership with councils across West Yorkshire and York to improve cycling and walking infrastructure and routes across the region.

We're asking for your comments on the proposal to improve the cycle and pedestrian route between York Station, Bootham Park, York Hospital, and the city centre.

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The £250,000 scheme, funded through the Department for Transport (DfT) 'Transforming Cities Fund', will:

  • encourage more people to make more every-day journeys by bike or on foot
  • complement and enhance the approaches to the recently completed Scarborough Bridge upgrade

Issues with the exiting route

The route between Scarborough Bridge and York Hospital is currently well used by people walking and cycling. A route along St Mary’s and The Drive, crossing Bootham, would be most direct for cyclists, pedestrians and those with mobility issues. However:

  • it's difficult to safely cross the busy A19 on Bootham at that location
  • there's 2 flights of steps at the bottom of St Mary's
  • Railway Walk path, adjacent to Marygate car park, is not wide enough for cyclists, pedestrians and people with disablilities currently using it

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Proposed changes to the route

Download a leaflet with details of the proposed improvements to Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park walking and cycling route, including:

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Benefits of proposed changes

The changes proposed to the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park walking and cycling route will:

  • make this route safer
  • create more space on shared paths, for pedestrians and cyclists
  • have safer crossing points, with new traffic signals at the junction of Bootham, St Mary’s and The Drive
  • introduce a low gradient ramo to improve provide easy access from St Mary’s to Marygate Lane for people with mobility issues
  • help residents of St Mary’s by giving them a controlled exit onto Bootham, where it can be difficult due to queuing traffic

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Comment on proposals

We have gathered feedback on our plans to improve the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park Cycle Route via an online survey. The survey closed on 12 October 2020.

Whether you live or work in the area, or travel through it, your views, opinions and insights are valuable to us to shape our project. Your comments will help inform the plans and provide an opportunity to identify any issues that we're not aware of.

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Next steps

All feedback will be carefully considered and included in a report to City of York Council’s Executive Member for Transport and Planning for a decision on how to proceed. Subject to approval, construction of the schemes would likely start during the winter and completed by the spring 2021.

Should the scheme not go ahead, the money will be reallocated within the CityConnect programme; it will be used to fund infrastructure elsewhere within West Yorkshire and York.

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