Local COVID Alert Level: High

Meeting family and friends

While the COVID alert level is high in York ensure that you follow government restrictions for areas with a high local COVID alert level.

Meeting people

Be aware that:

  • you must not meet indoors with anyone who is not part of your household or support bubble (specific exceptions are listed at gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-level-high)
  • you may meet with people you do not live with in outdoor areas, such as the pavement or street ,or parks and outdoor spaces, but you must follow 'the rule of 6'
  • you can meet up in someone's garden or yard, and in outdoor hospitality venues.

If you meet with friends and family you do not live with outdoors, perhaps for exercise, you must not meet in a group of more than 6 people, and you must practice social distancing.

Home visits for repairs or other work

Only official or registered tradespeople (includes mobile hairdressers and beauticians) can go to other people's homes for work purposes. They must follow national guidance on how to work safely.

Visiting care homes

Can I visit a friend or family member in a care home?
While York has a high local COVID alert level it's vital to reassess visiting for each care home, based on:

  • the care home's circumstances
  • ensuring visits take place in a COVID secure manner
  • balancing the virus transmission risk and circumstances of the visit
  • the needs of the individual resident

Visitors must adhere to the restrictions that care home has in place; this may vary per site and depending on circumstances at the time of the visit. Contact the care home you want to visit before attending, to check the latest information and make arrangements.

We're keen to look at ways to help families to stay connected in this difficult time, but must do this safely. When visiting care homes arrangement may include:

  • pre-booking a visit
  • pre-arranging visits outside the household
  • wear protective equipment to undertake visits inside a care home
  • virtual visits using technology

When assessing each visit we're keen to ensure a balance of risk of virus transmission with any potential detrimental distress which can affect the wellbeing of our residents, whilst working within current govenrment guidance. As such, there is no 'blanket ban' on visiting care homes in York.

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