Learning City York - York's Lifelong Learning Partnership has, since its formation in 1998, worked with its partners to create and develop a culture of lifelong learning. Learning City York sees lifelong learning at the heart of personal fulfilment, social cohesion and economic growth.

This document sets out the strategy that aims to make a positive difference to the education and training for young city learners, aged 14-19.

In brief, the document covers:

  • York City Learning Vision (York City Vision and Community Strategy)
  • York 14-19 Learning Vision (Learning City York)
  • York 14-19 Learner Entitlement
  • Key Strategic Priorities
  • Background & Context of Strategy
  • Implementation of Strategy & Implementation Plan

We hope that you will embrace this strategy and play a part in making a difference to education and training for young learners in the City of York.

You can view the City of York 14-19 Education and Training Strategy and Implementation Plan 2005-2008.

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