Come along to our free Just Jog jogging groups for beginners! We have developed these sessions to help you train for events such as the Race For Life 5k and 10k events.

We aim to help you complete your chosen event and hope that you will enjoy the fun and friendly social training sessions for mixed-ability joggers. The sessions are led by highly qualified instructors and supported by Run York joggers.

Current sessions:

Meeting point

Day/time Details
Marriott Hotel Mondays, 6.30pm This session is organised by Run York in partnership with our YorWellbeing team.
Millennium Bridge Thursdays, 7.00pm This session is held in partnership with Run York.

Walk to Jog courses

We offer 10-week Walk to Jog courses designed to help you progress your fitness at a steady rate, in a fun and social environment.

The course costs £10.00, which includes a free t-shirt awarded at the end of the course.

A brief outline:

  • week 1 consists of a moderately paced riverside walk covering a distance of around 3.5k (2 miles)
  • by week 10 you will be able to jog 5k (3.2 miles) without needing to rest
  • our experienced leaders also include a range of challenges for more advanced joggers

The great thing about this course is no matter what level you're starting from, you won't get left behind!

Note: No new courses are currently planned, but watch this space for details of new courses in the future.

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