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Our meetings are webcast so that you can see how the council makes decisions that affect you. Our aim is to promote openness and accountability, and to support greater participation in local democracy.

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AGENDA (To view individual agenda items click on the links below)
1. Declarations of Interest 00:04:07
2. Minutes 00:04:14
3. Public Participation 00:04:35
4. Plans List 00:05:57
a) Land Adjacent to Sewage Works at Hessay Industrial Estate, New Road, Hessay, York (17/00670/FUL) 00:06:44
b) Home Lea, Elvington Lane, Elvington YO41 4AX (17/00712/FUL) 00:13:13
c) Holly Tree Farm, Murton Way, York, YO19 5UN (17/01671/FUL) 00:17:44
d) Hudson House, Toft Green, York, YO1 6JT (17/00576/FULM) 00:27:29
e) The Old School Business Centre, Low Poppleton, Lane,York, YO26 6AZ (17/01072/FUL) 01:05:35
f) Rufforth Playing Fields, Wetherby Road, Rufforth, York (16/02303/FUL) 01:27:20

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