York’s Historic Environment Record (HER) holds information on the city’s archaeological finds, historic buildings and monuments, from a variety of sources such as:

  • archaeological reports
  • historic maps
  • trade directories

You can browse an online version of monument data from York’s HER via Heritage Gateway which can also be used to access data from North Yorkshire and the North Yorkshire Moors. Heritage Gateway should not be used as a substitute source of information by those conducting commercial archaeological work.

The 'City of York HER' does not cover the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales or areas under North Yorkshire County Council control.

Searching York’s Historic Environment Record (HER)

Read our HER information policy before requesting a data search.

Complete a commercial HER request form to make a commercial request for information.

There are 3 types of search available and fees depend on the type of search you require:

  • HER Commercial Basic Search (without designation data) - £105 per hour
  • HER Commercial Enhanced Search - £210 per hour
  • HER Commercial Rapid Response - additional £40 per hour to prices listed above (availability dependent on staff resources)

A separate form is available to request information (based on an area search) for students, individuals or community groups, private study or research - there is no charge for this service.

If you require information about a specific building or monument, it may be easier to consult Heritage Gateway or contact us directly.

Map of HER archaeological events

Use this map to locate and find information about archaeological events around the city. If the report number (SYOXXX) is known, you can download the report directly by searching the following download folders:

To use the map, zoom in on a desired area and click on a yellow star to access archaeological reports (red star = no linked report).

View larger map

Map of HER archaeological monuments

Use this map to locate and find information about archaeological monuments around the city.

Zoom in on the map and click on a highlighted monument or area to access further information.

View larger map

Other sources of historical information

Further historical information may be found at:

You can add additional information regarding listed buildings and structures via the Enriching the List project run by Historic England.

Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC)

Characterisation of rural landscapes and urban townscapes attempts to bring together historic and contemporary aspects of a place to help understand and appreciate it better. It provides information for individuals, communities, planners and developers.

The York HER benefits from two characterisation studies, the North Yorkshire HER (2005 to 2010) and York Historic Environment Characterisation Project (2012 to 2013).

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