York Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal (HCCAA)

The York Central Historic Core Conservation Area (YCHCCA) is one of the largest and most complex in England with 24 character areas forming the larger conservation area. It was adopted by Planning Committee on 24th November 2011.

Each one is dealt with as a separate character statement covering the following areas:

  • overview
  • designations
  • streets and spaces
  • buildings
  • traffic and movement
  • issues and opportunities

Our Planning Committee approved the adoption of the YCHCCA appraisal which was carried out in partnership with Alan Baxter Associates and Historic England.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides an introduction and methodology to the appraisal.

Part one: Understanding the City

Part two: Management Strategy

Part two of York's Central Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal was Management Strategy.

Conclusions: Principles and priorities

The appraisal does not deal specifically with archaeology as this is covered by the complementary York Historic Environment Characterisation project.

Further information

You can also view conservation areas in York that have been appraised in line with the latest guidance from Historic England.

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