The 'Wild About York' Education Pack includes 50+ KS1 and KS2 lesson plans across all subjects, which are suitable for teaching outdoors.

It contains copies of all the resources you will need for the lessons; see the Wild About York webpage for further information.

Our Environment and Community Officers also have a bank of educational resources for use with these lessons if you don't have all the equipment yourself - just contact our Environment and Community team to arrange a free loan of this equipment.

The lesson plans included in the pack are:

  • Art & Design
    Investigating Materials
    Picture This
    Mother Nature Designer
    Can we change places?
  • PSHE and Citizenship
    Animals and Us
    Developing School Grounds (Part 1)
    Developing School Grounds (Part 2)
    Respect for Property
  • Design and Technology
    Musical Instruments
  • English
    Favourite Things
    Making Trails
    Inside Out
    Robin Hood
    A Local Issue
  • Geography
    Around our School
    Geography and Numbers 1
    Investigating our Local Area
    Geography and Numbers 2
    Improving the Environment
    Geography and Numbers 3
    Investigating Rivers
  • History
    What was it like to live here in the past?
    History of Clifton Backies
    History of Hob Moor
    History of St. Nicholas Fields
  • Maths
    Maths in the Outdoors 1
    Maths in the Outdoors 2
    Maths in the Outdoors 3
    Maths in the Outdoors 4
    Maths in the Outdoors 5
    Maths in the Outdoors 6
  • Music
    Sounds Interesting, Feel the Pulse and Bringing it all Together
    Animal Magic, Play it Again,Painting with Sound and Exploring Singing Games
  • Physical Education
    Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 1
    Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 2
  • Science
    Growing Plants
    Sorting and Using Materials
    Plants and Animals in the
    Local Environment
    Helping Plants to Grow Well
    Rocks and Soils
    Light and Shadows
    Enquiry into Environmental and
    Technological Context
    Life Cycles
    Interdependence and Adaptation
    Forces in Action

The Education Pack also includes risk assessments to cover all the activities and sites within the lesson plans.

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