Staff warning register

What is it?

The Staff Warning Register database can be used to check if there‚Äôs a history of violence with clients you are planning to visit, or with new customers being added to your service database.

Remember that the mandatory controls on your use of the register exist to maintain the privacy of the information there, and you will be asked to confirm that you are familiar with the Procedure before you open the Register.

Who can use it?

Only authorised users have access to the Staff Warning Register - please contact the administrators,  Veritau Information Governance if you'd like access.

If you suffer a violent incident, report it using a CYC Incident Report Form, and if appropriate complete the Staff Warning Register nomination form (available from Veritau).

Find out more

For further related information please see the full SWR procedure or visit the Violence and Aggression and Lone Working pages.

If you have any questions about the register or need further information please contact Veritau Information Governance.

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