Staff warning register

The Staff Warning Register (SWR) contains information about clients, service users, members of the public and properties which City of York Council (CYC) believe pose a significant, credible and continuing risk to the health and safety of CYC staff. Potentially dangerous properties with for example with recent incidents of aggressive dogs or needle discoveries are also placed on the register for a period of time.

Who can use it

To protect CYC employees everyone who needs to access the information on the SWR must be able to find out quickly and easily. If you need access to the SWR ask your line manager to make the request to

Data Protection Responsibilities

The incident and the records of events leading to a label that a customer is potentially violent or has caused other serious problems may be sensitive data in the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

By using the SWR you agree not to:

  • allow unauthorised staff or members of the public to view SWR entries
  • take, copy or store (including electronically) any SWR data

There is now a transparent audit trail of every viewing against each entry which will be monitored regularly. All cases must be treated according to the sensitive data requirements of the Council’s Data Protection Policy and inappropriate use and unauthorised disclosure will be treated as Gross Misconduct and will result in disciplinary action.

Disclosing SWR information to other officers, even within the Council, requires particular care. If you have any queries relating to how you can share information to others whom your organisation has a duty of care such as contractors, volunteers, partners etc please contact or tel 01904 554131.

Find out more

If you have any questions about the register or need further information please contact or tel: 01904 554131. The current Lone Working and Violence and Aggression compliance notes are under review following the implementation of the online Incident Portal and integration of the SWR.

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