Workplace inspections

Workplace inspections are a system examination of workplaces to identify (and subsequently eliminate or reduce the risks) any areas that may pose a risk to the health and safety to City of York Council (CYC) staff or customers. The process must be documented.

Workplaces can include offices, schools, youth centres, customers' homes, libraries, building sites etc.

Who does what

  • regular formal health and safety inspections of premises are conducted for CYC premises every 4 months as a minimum (using form F10A)
  • health and safety inspections are carried out for the following situations for which local detailed arrangements and frequencies apply:
    • building sites (using form F10B)
    • customer homes (using form F10C)
    • temporary work (less than 3 months duration - using form F10D)
  • inspections are led by a line manager or building manager
  • senior managers are from time to time involved in workplace inspections especially where controls/improvements can't be actioned
  • trades Union Representatives are invited to inspections
  • any hazard observed during an inspection with serious threat to life or limb is rectified immediately
  • actions from workplace inspections are carried out, signed off and monitored or raised up the line management chain
  • records of inspections are kept for 3 years

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