Guide to school catchment areas

The Guide to School Catchment Areas contains maps and information on the catchment areas for York schools.  We publish the guide to inform parent/carers of their "catchment school" for the purposes of school admissions.

Catchment areas do not change annually, but changes may be made to the guide to reflect new build housing developments, new streets, improved maps, and changes to catchment areas following the closure of any schools. 

Residence in a particular catchment area does not guarantee the allocation of a school place at your catchment school, as this will depend upon the number of available places at the preferred school(s), as well as your home address.  We advise that prior to making an application, parent/carers consult the guide, as well as the 'Guide for Parents' as it contains important advice and information.  However, please always check specific addresses with us.

Catchment area maps

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