For all 'in-year' applications, additional information is taken into account when allocating places.  This includes if the pupil has:

  • a low level of attendance at their current or previous school(s) - currently less than 85% attendance;
  • any exclusions at their current or previous school(s);
  • any involvement with key services/agencies;
  • recently been home educated;
  • or any other information available from their current or previous school(s).

The Fair Access Protocol applies to pupils who meet one or more of the above and enables the Local Authority working with schools to consider which would best meet the needs of the pupil.  The parent/carers' preferences are considered as part of this process.

The Fair Access Protocol

The aim of the protocol is that all pupils are allocated the right school or alternative full-time education as soon as possible after submitting an application for a school place.  In consultation with other admission authorities for York schools, which include voluntary aided and academy schools, we will attempt to meet one of the parent/carer’s preferences. Before making any decision, the following factors will be considered;

  • the number of pupils in the year group;
  • the parent/carer’s preferred schools;
  • whether the school is within a reasonable distance of the home address; and
  • transport links to schools with places.

For Secondary-aged pupils, these decisions are made by a monthly meeting of the Behaviour and Attendance Partnership (BAP), which consists of representatives from the LA and each secondary school within the York area.

For Primary-aged pupils, discussions will take place between the LA and schools, and in some circumstances be discussed by a group of schools within the area of the city in which the pupil resides, as well as any schools the parent/carer has expressed a preference for.

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