You need to apply for a licence from us for all caravan and mobile home sites, unless specifically exempted.

All sites will be inspected prior to issuing a licence. We will only issue you with a licence if the correct planning consents are in place and following consultation with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

View the register of licensed caravan sites.

Applying for a caravan site licence

Please return a completed caravan site licence application form to us with the appropriate fee (where applicable).

Caravan site licence fees

There is no charge for caravan site licences.

Mobile home site licence fees

Fees for mobile home site licences are:

Mobile Homes Licensing (Mobile Homes Act 2013) Cost
New Licence Application £750
Transfer of Licence (no variations) £250
Variation of Licence £550
Annual Inspection – 50 units or more £550
Annual inspection – 49 units or fewer £430

Caravan and mobile home site rules

The following mobile home site rules are held by us:

Please note we have no enforcement powers to object to site rules - seek legal advice if you disagree with the rules for your site.

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