Gaming machines in licensed premises

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Gaming machines can be used in licensed premises if they:

  • are licensed to supply alcohol, for consumption on those premises
  • contain a bar
  • are not subject to any licence conditions limiting the supply of alcohol to people having meals on the premises

Two gaming machines in licensed premises

Certain venues with a premises licence have automatic entitlement for 2 gaming machines on their premises.

To obtain this entitlement the premises licence holder must send a notification of 2 or less gaming machines to Licensing Services along with £50. (Cheques are payable to City of York Council).

Once notification has been made, automatic entitlement has 'unlimited duration' or lasts until the premises licence is transferred, when a new notification would be required by the new premises licence holder.

More than two gaming machines in licenced premises

To have 3 or more gaming machines, the premises licence holder must apply for a gaming machine permit by completing the appropriate sections of the notification application form and sending it to Licensing Services along with £100. (Cheques are payable to City of York Council).

Once granted, the gaming machine permit:

  • will be in the name of the current premises licence holder
  • is of unlimited duration
  • requires an annual fee of £50 (first annual fee must be paid to us within 30 days of permit issue)
  • lapses if the annual fee is not paid
  • can be transferred to another premises licence holder
  • can be varied for more or less machines

Transfer a gaming machine permit

Whenever the licensed premises holder changes, the new holder must apply to transfer the licensed premises gaming machine permit and pay £25. (Cheques are payable to City of York Council).

Variation of gaming machine permit

You can apply to vary the number of machines on your premises but an application for more machines than your current entitlement will need to be considered on its merits and may or may not be granted.

Submit your application form to Licensing Services with a payment of £100. (Cheques are payable to City of York Council).

Gambling Commission requirements

All clubs which provide gaming machines must comply with the relevant Code of Practice issued by the Gambling Commission under Section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005.

Gaming machines fall into certain categories depending on the maximum stake and prize available - see the Gambling Commission website for more information.

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