We are committed to carrying out our activities in a way that supports compliance and growth. Wherever possible, we work with businesses to try to prevent problems occurring.

Enforcement Policy

We recognise that most businesses wish to comply with the law and we deal with the majority of breaches through advice or in other informal ways.

However, we take formal enforcement action where businesses flout the law. Our Enforcement Policy sets out the circumstances in which we may consider formal enforcement action; examples of the type of action we may take include prosecution and obtaining court orders.

Our Enforcement Policy gives details of our approach to providing information, guidance and advice as well as how we check for compliance and deal with non-compliance.

The Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Investigations Team and the National Trading Standards e-Crime Team have their own Enforcement Policy.

Civil Penalty Policy

The Housing Civil Penalty Policy allows us to implement new powers on civil penalties introduced by the Housing and Planning Act 2016, as an alternative to prosecution for a range of offences under the Housing Act 2004.

If you are unhappy with a regulatory decision

We consult with businesses and local stakeholders in developing our key policies, including our Enforcement Policy.

If you are unhappy with a regulatory decision, you should explain your concerns to the appropriate service manager in the first instance:

  • Anthony Dean - Public Protection, Investigations and Compliance
  • Mike Southcombe - Public Protection, Regulatory Support and Advice
  • Lesley Cooke - Licensing
  • Ruth Abbott - Housing Standards and Adaptations

They will try to help resolve the situation and/or advise you on any routes of appeal.

Feedback on our services

Have your say is the City of York Council's comments and complaints procedure; we welcome all feedback through this process, including positive remarks.

We also carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we receive continuous feedback.

We base our regulatory activity on risk as well as analysing intelligence, complaints and other information to allocate our resources where they will be most effective. We also share information about compliance and risk with other regulators where possible, and ensure our approach to regulation is transparent.

We also provide tailored advice by telephone or email, but there may be a charge for this service. We survey our customers to ensure our advice is clear.

Fees and charges

View details of fees and charges for:

Our performance

We publish details about our enforcement activity in an annual report to members (see item 12).

Furthermore, the latest surveys show:

  • 96.8% of business customers reported that their contact with Public Protection's Officers was helpful
  • 80.6% of all Public Protection's customers were satisfied with the overall level of service provided

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