Scrap metal dealer licence

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To be a 'scrap metal dealer' or 'motor salvage operator' in the York area you must apply for the appropriate licence - there are two types and our guidance notes explain the application requirements and procedure.

Scrap metal dealer collector's licence

Apply for a scrap metal dealer collector's licence (or renewal) including the relevant fee, if:

  • you operate as a mobile scrap metal collector in our area

The licensee is permitted to collect commercial and domestic scrap metal - you'll also need an additional licence from each local authority where you operate, outside of our area.

Scrap metal dealer site licence

Apply for a scrap metal dealer site licence (or licence renewal) including the relevant fee, if:

  • we cover the area where your business is located
  • business as a scrap metal dealer is carried out at a site/premises
  • a named site manager is required for each site

We process valid applications (which include the relevant documentation and fee) within 28 days of receipt. As part of the application process:

  • you must provide a DBS disclosure
  • relevant offences and enforcement action can be taken into consideration
  • we may consider any other information
  • we consult agencies (North Yorkshire Police, the Environment Agency, other departments within the council, other relevant local authorities)

The licensee is permitted to operate as a scrap metal dealer from the site, including transporting scrap metal to and from the site, from any local authority area.

A scrap metal dealer licence:

  • lasts for three years
  • must be renewed on or before the expiry date

Scrap metal dealer licence costs

  • new or renewal of site licence: £460
  • new or renewal of site licence (2 sites): £612
  • new or renewal of site licence (3 sites): £770
  • new or renewal of collector's licence: £255
  • variation of site or collector's licence: £122.50
  • change of name and address: £56.50

Record of scrap metal dealings

Every scrap metal dealer must keep accurate records of the metal they receive and dispose of. Guidance to record keeping is available for you.

Other licence requirements

If you carry or transport waste as part of your business with a view to making a profit you may also need a 'Waste Carriers Licence' from the Environment Agency, in addition to your scrap metal dealer licence.

If you store or process metal at your site you may need an environmental permit. For further advice please contact the Environment Agency on tel: 08708 506506.

Use of your personal data

We are under a duty to protect the public funds we administer and to this end may use the information you provide on your application for the prevention and detection of fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

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