Information management fees

If you make an enquiry under the Freedom of Information act that costs less than £450 it will be met free of charge. This is for the cost of finding and retrieving the information. However, we may ask you to pay the cost of making copies, postage and similar expenses. Copies will be charged at 5p per page.

If your enquiry will cost more than £450, we may refuse outright to answer it or ask you to pay the cost.

Data protection

If you request your own personal data, under the Data Protection act, this will be met free of charge.

Environmental information regulations

Enquiries under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 will be charged a fee in accordance with those regulations.

Information in other formats

You can ask for information to be in any reasonable format, and in languages other than English, but there may be an additional charge for this.

We will discuss the likely cost of your request with you so that you can decide whether to go ahead. We may be able to fit a reduced request to your budget if the full cost would be too high.

If someone else has copyright in the information you want, you may have to pay them to use it. If so, this cost will be outside our control.

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