This charter describes how we, manage both personal information and non-personal information, what you can expect from us, and what your rights are.

We need to process all sorts of information in order to provide public services efficiently. Information is a resource that must be managed well. Laws and regulations govern our duties and your rights. Other council documents, our policies and procedures, describe what choices we have made about managing information.

We manage information to ensure that:

  • we can carry out our job efficiently and effectively - information is functional
  • we can show that we did our job properly – we are accountable
  • we, and you, can rely on our information - it is authentic

And we want you to be able to:

  • manage your dealings with us effectively, and exercise your rights
  • confirm that we are doing our job properly
  • make up your mind about matters of public interest
  • take part in the democratic process in York

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