York Open Data was launched in March 2015 by City of York Council. It offers residents and businesses free access to a wealth of information about their city, to help to build new solutions to all kinds of challenges such as those around sustainability, transport, energy and community engagement. Releasing this open data gives opportunities for businesses to grow and for improvements to everyday life for residents and communities, furthermore it increases transparency.

You can find all the Local Government Transparency Code related data in the platform, such as:

Other data you may freely use from our website under the terms of the Open Government Licence is:

York Open Service Directory

York Open Service Directory is a database of thousands of groups, activities, services, venues, childcare provision, adult social care services and more! All the information is maintained at a central hub called York Family Information Service. The information is then available to use freely by partners on their own websites, apps, events... in any way they want!

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