Teachers of the deaf provide ongoing assessments and liaise closely with families, Early Years settings & schools and the child to agree the degree and type of support. For some children, this may be a one-off visit to school to give advice to staff. For others, it may be more regular visits to monitor progress. Other children may receive weekly teaching from a teacher of the deaf.

We also provide one-off interventions for children where a need has been identified to support different areas eg social and emotional resiliance, listening skills and phonics. Support levels are based on individual need at specific times and are reviewed regularly, formally and informally.

Many deaf and hearing impaired children attend their local mainstream educational setting/school and receive support from the Deaf and Hearing Support Team here or at home.

Some children will attend the Central Provision for Deaf Children at primary or secondary school. All Saints R.C. school is the designated Central Provision for secondary age children. We are currently in negotiation with a primary school to establish the Primary Central Provision. Deaf children will have a higher level of teacher of the deaf time in the Central Provision, to support language, learning and social and emotional wellbeing.

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