Training and support

  • We maintain links with hearing aid companies allow for regular updates on technological advances.
  • We have fully qualified and experienced teachers of the deaf and specialist qualified teaching assistants. Our full team has BSL qualifications to at least level 2. We have links with national and regional meetings. We also have involvement with regional centres of excellence. Liaison with audiology department at York Hospital and educational audiologist from North Yorkshire supports the team’s audiological knowledge. We have knowledge of a range of other agencies, information and resources (local, regional, national, voluntary and statutory sectors) to which children, young people and families can be signposted.


Hearing Aids/CI provided by the NHS – regular feedback on functional hearing, difficulties and changes.

Our TOD’s do listening assessments/speech discrimination tests to assess suitability for radio aids/other assistive listening devices.

Currently, our specialist TA orders equipment in conjunction with TOD, in line with the LA equipment policy.

Once the system has been issued, our specialists provide training for staff, family and the child on effective use.

Our specialists then provide ongoing monitoring of use and maintenance of system.

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