The Deaf and Hearing Support Team work with children with all degrees of hearing loss from fluctuating mild hearing loss to permanent profound deafness.

We provide support for children and young people with a diagnosed hearing loss/deafness from initial diagnosis to 25 years old, as well as support for their families, significant adults and staff in their settings, i.e. early years settings, schools, homes, higher education and further education and audiology. All children and young people are supported by a qualified teacher of the deaf (TOD), as well as specialist teaching assistants. We provide support for listening and language development, in line with the family’s choice of communications options. We then advise, support and provide training around alternative communication systems, including sign language and technical support for the hearing loss. In addition, we provide support for the social and emotional wellbeing of the child or young person. We aim to provide peer group activities to support the social and emotional wellbeing of the child, including opportunities to meet other deaf young people and deaf role models. Our teachers of the deaf signpost the children and their families to other voluntary bodies, to access social activities, information events, Lollipop and National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)

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