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Big/Small symbols

Choice Board

Chunking Board - Three Sections

Cue Cards (Early Years)

Days of the Week

Early Years Visuals

Finish and 'To Do' Symbols (for one to one structured teaching)

Help Cards

Numbers for Work Stations

Nursery Rhymes (PECS)

Nursery Rhymes

Out of School Clubs timetable

PE Symbols

PECS - colours, numbers, some symbols


Task Instructions

Timetable (Home symbols)

Timetable (Small - Early Years)

Timetable (Primary small)

Timetable (Secondary)

WAIT cards

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Widgit Symbols (c) Widgit Software 2002-2014 (or current year) plus the web address

For any copyright enquiries, please either email our team at
or write to:
Widgit Software (copyright enquiries)
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Busy Finger Box

First, then

Pupil Passport

STAR Chart

STAR Observation Chart

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