A review meeting (also called a Pupil Discipline Committee) is held in some circumstances, where a panel of school governors meet to consider the decision to exclude your child. They will take into account the views of both parents and the head teacher of the school.

You can submit your views in writing as well as choose to attend the meeting.  You will be given at least 7 days' notice of the date, time and place that the meeting will be held.

After the meeting, governors will decide to do one of the following:

  • return the pupil to school earlier than the date set by the head teacher if the exclusion is fixed term
  • reinstate the pupil if the exclusion is permanent, and give a date for their return to school 
  • uphold the the head teacher's decision about the type and length of the exclusion

You will be notified in writing of the decision. If the governors uphold the head teacher's decision for a permanent exclusion, you can make a further appeal to an Independent Review Panel.

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