The Department for Education has some detailed guidance on exclusions, and The Advisory Centre for Education provides an information pack about school exclusion.        

You can also ask the governing body to review your child's exclusion.  Whether a governing body will meet will depend upon the type of exclusion, and if your child has previously been excluded in the same school term. For:

  • Fixed term exclusions of 1-5 days in one term: you can ask the governing body to discuss the exclusion, but they cannot overturn the decision.
  • Fixed term exclusions of 5-15 days in one term:  the governing body must review the exclusion within 50 school days if requested to do so by parent/carers.
  • Fixed term exclusions of more than 15 days in one term: the governing body must review the exclusion.
  • Permanent exclusions: the governing body must review the exclusion.
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