Governing boards can buy professional clerking services from us, to assist the processes of effective governance in City of York schools and academies.

Our Governor Support Officers:

  • participate in regular, focused training
  • offer advice on current governance legislation, policy and procedures
  • can prepare for, and record, all meetings of the governing board
  • offer advice and support in recording formal complaints and disciplinary/capability hearings

Support for clerks employed directly by a school or academy

Alternatively, where governing boards have arranged their own clerking services (within legal requirements detailed in the relevant guidance), we can provide advice, support and training for those clerks employed directly by a school or academy.

We can help to ensure those clerks are familiar with all aspects of the role and meet the governing board's expectation for professional, independent support and a good working knowledge of governance regulation and statutory responsibilities.

Contact our Governor Support and Development Service for further information.

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