The way we work with voluntary and community organisations is guided by an agreement called the York Compact. This agreement also includes York’s Primary Care and Hospital Trusts as well as the York and North Yorkshire Learning and Skills Council. Whilst this agreement is not legally binding we and the other signatories to the Compact are committed to making it work.

Compact principles

The main principles of the agreement are that:

  • an independent voluntary and community sector is a vital part of a healthy democratic society
  • public bodies and voluntary and community organisations have distinct roles, but can ensure better services for York by working together
  • voluntary and community organisations have the right to campaign within the law in order to advance their aims
  • both sectors are expected to work with integrity, objectivity, accountability and openness
  • both sectors are committed to supporting equality and diversity for all people, regardless of gender, race, age, physical and mental impairment, sexual orientation or religion

Codes of good practice

There are also codes of good practice covering the following areas:

  • consultation
  • funding
  • partnership with black and minority ethnic (BME) voluntary and community groups
  • volunteering
  • community groups
  • partnership working.

How can we make the Compact effective ?

A Compact Group made up of representatives from public bodies and voluntary and community organisations is working to make the Compact effective throughout the city, by:

  • promoting it and monitoring progress
  • investigating and resolving breaches of the Compact
  • developing new codes of practice when necessary

How can your group get involved ?

If your voluntary or community group would like to find out more about the Compact York Council for Voluntary Services, you can:

  • use the codes of good practice and principles in your own organisation
  • encourage others to do the same
  • bring your comments or concerns about how it has or hasn’t worked to the attention of the Compact Group

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