Your ward councillors are:

Your ward councillors set priorities and work to address them with input from partners and residents. They host ward committee meetings and events, and lead a team of officers/partners working in the area.

You can attend events and committee meetings in your ward to find out about how local priorities are being addressed. View agendas and minutes from Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward committee meetings.

Ward profile, priorities and funding

The Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward profile contains statistical information about the area and is updated regularly.

Each ward has a budget to spend on local priorities.

Based on feedback from residents, taking into consideration statistical information and local intelligence available from local partners ward councillors have set the following priorities

  • supporting young people
  • social inclusion to combat loneliness and isolation
  • improving community spaces

Community groups and voluntary organisations based in the ward can apply for ward committee funding.

Ward funding grant application supporting documents:

Consultations and decisions on funding happen at ward committee meetings, team meetings and through other engagement opportunities such as surveys and councillor surgeries.

When completing a grant application form, your ward councillors are searching for a demonstration of match funding.

The budget for Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward for 2017 to 2018 is £77,268. To find out what been spent so far, see ward funding decisions. You can find out more at your annual ward committee meetings or by contacting your Community Involvement Officer.

Housing Environment Improvement Programme

The Housing Environment Improvement Programme (HEIP)supports the delivery of local priorities, specifically improvements that tenants have identified as important.

Residents' Associations, Parish Councils and Planning Panels

There is no active Residents' Association in this ward.

Parish Councils in this ward:

Planning Panels are not active in areas where there are Parish Councils.

Contact your Community Involvement Officer for more information on Residents' Associations and Planning Panels.

YorWellbeing support in your Ward

YorWellbeing offers support to help residents to continue to live independently and safely in their homes.

The Yorwellbeing handyperson service can perform small jobs around your home if you are:

  • aged 60 years and over
  • disabled

Ward news and information

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