Derwent Ward

Your ward councillors

Your ward councillors set priorities and develop action plans to address them. They also host regular residents' forum meetings and events and lead a Ward Team of officers and partners working in the area.

Your Ward councillor is:

In Holgate Ward the priorities for 2014 to 15 are to:

  • A cleaner environment for all villages
  • Safer communities across the area
  • More community and youth opportunities

Ward activities

Find out what's happening by:

  • reading ward news
  • following Twitter @DhwOward
  • contacting your community involvement officer by telephone or email
  • joining the Derwent email list for regular updates on news and events

Community involvement

Community groups can apply for grant funding from Derwent Residents' Forum for projects that address one or more of the ward priorities or, the ward team can commission projects directly.

Residents can attend events and Residents' Forum meetings held by councillors to find out about local information and our progress with local priorities. View minutes and agendas from Derwents Residents Forum meetings.

The Derwent Ward Profile contains statistical information about the area and is updated every 3 months.

Residents' associations in the ward are:

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