Free Wi-Fi in York is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The network allows those who live, visit and work in the area to access free WiFi from their phone, tablet or any other wireless device and is completely free to use.

CityConnectWi-Fi is available in the city centre, as well as in:

  • 14 libraries
  • 11 corporate buildings
  • 6 Park and Ride sites (and on park and ride buses, Coastliner buses and York First buses)
  • 14 City Connect zones
  • 23 community buildings (BDUK)
  • our older people's homes

As one of only 22 Super Connected Cities in the UK, the development and expansion of free Wi-Fi in York is one of many initiatives which have taken place over the past few years to further York's digital infrastructure.

A map of public Wi-Fi zones available across York

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You can also download the latest list of Wi-Fi locations.

City Connect

See a short video about digital transformation in York when Wi-Fi services were enabled in our city:

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