York's City Centre Evacuation Plan (CCEP) is designed to help us (together with the emergency services) to manage an orderly evacuation of part, or all, of the area within the city walls, during a major incident.

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Evacuation areas within the city walls

The police and fire service routinely clear public areas surrounding incidents, under their general powers to preserve life and evidence, and to enable them to work in safety. This can be anything from a few hundred yards, to either end of a street. During a major incident it may be necessary to isolate a larger area - to assist them with this, the area within the city walls has been divided into three colour-coded areas, and 24 numbered zones.

Information for businesses within the city walls

Businesses in the city are given A1 size maps of the centre, showing the emergency areas and zones, so that their staff can become familiar with the zone they are in.

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