The River Ouse Safety Advisory Group has developed an emergency response plan for the River Ouse within the City of York area which identifies places on river banks, where the emergency services have agreed they can access the river in order to assist in an emergency situation.

Download an information leaflet about River Ouse emergency signs.

Identifying a sign

The location of emergency access points are identified by yellow signs which have a red border and a number in the centre. Before you travel along the River Ouse make sure you can identify the signs and you know how to use them.

Using emergency access locations

As you travel along the River Ouse:

  • note which signs you pass
  • in an emergency use the sign number when you summon assistance
  • tell the emergency services the last sign you passed and whether you're travelling up or downstream

Each emergency service:

  • has a copy of the response plan
  • knows the location of the access points
  • uses this information to direct their officers accordingly

More information

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