If there is a major flood in York, we will support the emergency services. We do this for all major emergencies.

Flood warnings

The Environment Agency gives flood warnings for rivers and coasts - see current flood warnings via the Environment Agency's current flooding information.

Homes and businesses at risk from flooding

Find out how to protect your home or business from floods on the Environment Agency flooding website.

If you live or have a business in a flood-risk area you can get flood warnings sent direct to you by phone, text message or email - contact the Environment Agency's Floodline on tel: 0345 9881188 for more information.


It's very important we make sure we have enough sandbags to protect key buildings (eg. hospitals). However, we do try to prevent widespread flooding in all areas. For details of our sandbag policy and how to build a sandbag wall, download sandbag information.

Please note:

  • sandbags are not available for public collection from Hazel Court
  • we give out sandbags to private properties if we have enough, and people to distribute them
  • there is no charge for sandbags
  • we may restrict the number you can have

Localised flooding or surface water flooding

Heavy downpours can sometimes produce more water than collecting systems can reasonably handle. In addition, leaves and litter on the surface can block road gullies very quickly during severe weather. This can lead to localised flooding. Use our eForms to report flooding on roads, highways or pavements.

River flooding

The River Ouse rises and falls regularly in York. With our partners we have well established plans for the protection of the city, its people and premises when this happens. The actions and temporary works detailed within plans are incremental and are triggered by Environment Agency warnings and forecasts.

Driving and floods

Advice from SmartDriving on driving through flood water.

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