Sustainable Communities Act

In spring 2009 we gathered suggestions through consultation at Residents' Forum meetings, an online survey, a dedicated email address and responses from parish councils. There was information on the Sustainable Communities Act and how to get involved at every Residents' Forum meeting in April in the form of a presentation or slides during the surgery. We also wrote to each parish council and to community groups to get their ideas.

We received over 300 suggestions.  

You can download the full list of suggestions 

After being sent to other council departments and the councillors executive members, the full list has been short-listed to 48 suggestions split into five themed areas:

  • environment: energy
  • environment: recycling
  • housing, planning, land use and ownership
  • revenue, taxes and the local economy
  • transport

You can download the selected short list of suggestions

Having read through all the suggestions from residents, parish councils and community groups the councillor executive members noted that some suggestions were similar.

They combined these suggestions to form another list of 14 proposals.

You can download the executive's combined list

Report to the Executive

On 18 June 2009 a Citizen's Panel of more than 50 residents met to talk about the short-listed schemes and to tell us which of the suggestions they supported.

We had another online survey which concentrated on the short-listed schemes. There was also another opportunity for residents to comment on the full list and the Executive's combined list. All of these list were available to download or could be requested from the Neighbourhood Management Unit.

We analysed which suggestions you thought we should take forward and comments from residents. This information was the basis for a report which went to the council's Executive Meeting held on 21 July 2009 for a decision on finalising the list for submission.

Executive Report for the meeting 21 July 2009

The next steps

After the council's Executive Meeting on 21 July 2009, seven proposals were submitted to the Local Government Association.

These are:

  • returning packaging to supermarkets (ID 68); supported by the Citizen's Panel
  • retention of business rates locally (ID 122); supported by the Citizen's Panel and the Without Walls Executive
  • re-regulation of buses (ID183); supported by the Citizen's Panel
  • generating energy by community renewable sources (ID 295 & ID123); supported by the Citizen's Panel
  • bringing commercial waste in to council recycling targets (ID130); supported by the Citizen's Panel
  • retaining council house income (ID153); supported by the Citizen's Panel and the Without Walls Executive
  • ensuring that all landfill tax and Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme penalties are returned to local authorities for investment in further recycling, reduction, reuse and repair measures (ID 184); supported by the Without Walls Executive

During this process we will add a lot of information and details to each suggestion as well as a 6,000 word brief for each suggestion.

The reports on each suggestion were sent to the Local Government Association (LGA) before 31 July 2009. The LGA  then negotiated with the Secretary of State to create a final short-list from proposals gathered across the country.
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