Equality Framework for Local Government

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We are currently consulting on the Local Plan Publication draft - from Wednesday 21 February, to midnight on Wednesday 4 April 2018.

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The Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG) is a framework for councils to help build equality into everything they do. This national standard is used to assess how we are doing in terms of fairness and it includes our role as a community leader, service provider and employer. Through using the EFLG we are able to compare our performance to that of other councils.

EFLG levels of achievement

The EFLG has three levels of achievement:

  • Developing - understanding the importance of equality
  • Achieving - developing better outcomes
  • Excellent - making a difference

Each of these levels covers five areas:

  • Knowing your community and equality mapping
  • Place shaping, leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Community engagement and satisfaction
  • Responsive services and customer care
  • A modern and diverse workforce

EFLG achieving level in York:

In January 2015 we reached the 'Excellent' level of the framework. 


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