The Equality Advisory Group (EAG) is made up of people from organisations which represent communities and identities in York.

Their role is to advise executive council members on new policies and strategies, by helping staff who deliver services to develop community impact assessments.

Equality Advisory Group meetings

The EAG meets on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December of each year.

Previous meetings

Headline topics from the last meeting in December 2016 were:

  • DisabledGo
  • Consultation on EAG

Next meeting

The next EAG meeting is due to take place on Thursday 2 March, from 6pm to 8pm in West Offices with a focus on forward planning.

Other meetings

EAG representatives also meet and raise issues with council directors and political party leaders outside of the quarterly EAG meetings as issues arise or to discuss those relating to budgets.

Taking part in meetings

You can book a 3-minute slot to speak at an EAG meeting to raise an issue/idea with EAG representatives on matter relating to 'protected characteristics': age, gender and gender orientation, race, sexual orientation, disability, travellers, carers, religion, spirituality, belief and pregnancy/maternity.

To register your question contact the Communities and Equalities team.

Meeting documents

Download minutes and supporting papers from previous EAG meetings.

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