Human rights are fundamentally important in maintaining a fair and civilised society. The Human Rights Act protects your freedom to control your own life based on core principles of:

  • dignity
  • fairness
  • equality
  • respect
  • autonomy

Visit the Equality and Human Rights Commission website for practical guidance on your human rights.

York: Human Rights City

York Human Rights City logo

The Lord Mayor of York committed to adopting 'a human rights approach' when York became the UK’s first Human Rights City, in April 2017.

York: Human Rights City (YHRC) aims to bridge the gap between international obligations and claiming your human rights at a local level. YHRC publishes annual reports on York’s progress as a human rights city, as work continues to create a vibrant, diverse, fair and safe environment.

Your human rights as our customer

As a 'public authority' we must act in accordance with the Human Rights Act, and:

  • have an understanding of your human rights
  • apply human rights when we provide you with services
  • consider your human rights when we develop policies and procedures

Since October 2000 anyone who believes we ('the state') have breached their human rights, can take their case to court a UK court (rather than the European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg).

Our human rights work is lead by our Human Rights and Equalities Board, made up of representatives from all political parties as well as many civil society organisations within York. The board adopts a thematic approach to its work, with its current focus being on young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs).

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