When you contact us for information, advice or services, a record of that contact is made. This is to help both you and us remember what we have talked about, agreed and decided to do.

What your records contain

Your records contain important information about you including your name, address and information about the contact that you have had with us. They also contain details of any difficulties you may have, who is helping you and what you have asked about.

Who has access to your records

Your records are seen and used only by those people who are helping you.

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to ask us if we hold any personal information about you and to be given access to that information. You do not have to tell us why you want a copy of the information. It will not cost you anything to see your records.

Arranging to view your records

If you want to see your records, make your request in writing to the Customer Complaints and Feedback Team 

Under the Data Protection Act, we have 40 days in which to prepare your file.

A member of staff will contact you when your file is ready.  You may be asked for proof of your identity prior to receiving your records.

What you can do when you see your records

You can ask for a copy of any part of your records. You can point out any information that you think is wrong or might be a mistake in order to get this corrected.

Helping us find your information

Please tell us which information you wish to see and provide as many details as possible so we can identify your records.

Restricted information

There may be some information in your records which is exempt from disclosure to you. This may include:

  • where the information on file identifies another person
  • where a third party has supplied information which they regard as confidential
  • where there are specific legal restrictions on the release of information.

Complaints and enquiries

If you have any questions or enquiries about accessing your records, or would like to appeal, you can write to the Customer Complaints and Feedback Team.

You can also appeal against the decision to withhold information from you by writing to the Customer Complaints and Feedback Team or by contacting the Information Commissioner. 

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