The Health and Wellbeing Board is a group of people from different organisations in York who hold public meetings four times per year. They work together to make improvements to the health and wellbeing of York residents.

The Health and Wellbeing Board:

  • understands the health and wellbeing needs of residents in York by producing a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)
  • agrees the health and wellbeing priorities for the city
  • works to address these priorities

Find out more about their responsibilities and membership by viewing the Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference. An easy to read version of the Terms of Reference is also available.

The Health and Wellbeing Board’s Induction information Pack gives more detailed information on the role and function of the board.

The Health and Wellbeing Board launched a five-year Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy in March 2017 outlining its vision, aims and priorities for 2017 to 2022. An easy to read version of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is also available.

Additionally, the Health and Wellbeing Board's All Age Mental Health Strategy 2018-2023 and their York Suicide Safer Community Strategy 2018-2023 expand on their mental health priorities.

Health and Wellbeing Board newsletters and communications

Health and Wellbeing Board Annual reports

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

The York Health and Wellbeing Board approved the York Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018-2021 in March 2018.

Setting out the predicted need for community pharmacy services based on population size over the next three years, this will be used in the decision making process for new pharmacy applications.

For further information, view the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (2018-2021) on York's Joint Strategic Needs Assessment website.

Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) was introduced as a tool to encourage and speed up the integration of health and social care, and prompt local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to develop transformational projects through the use of pooled budgets and integrated spending plans. Health and Wellbeing Boards are responsible for signing off BCF Plans.

Download the Better Care Fund Plan 2017-2019

Care Quality Commission: Local System Review of York

Between 30 October 2017 and 3 November 2017, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) undertook a Local System Review of York. The review made 13 recommendations to improve service provision in the city.

In response to the CQC recommendations, a York Improvement Plan has been developed. The delivery of this is being overseen by the Place Based Improvement Board, which reports to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

This is a partnership of:

  • local authorities
  • NHS Commissioners and providers
  • community-based organisations

The partnership aims to make practical changes to the way health services are delivered for people and communities. Their vision is for everyone in the Humber Coast and Vale to start well, live well and age well. To do that, everyone must be supported to better manage their own care, reduce dependence on hospitals and use resources more efficiently so that we will all be able to have reliable access to good, safe services into the future.

Visit the Humber Coast and Vale website for partnership progress updates.

Health and Wellbeing Boards and Strategies in York

There are a number of statutory boards in York, each with their own strategy and/or priorities.

The boards' priorities have been collated into one document, Mapping Synergies Across Board Strategic Plans and Strategies, to map the common objectives and approaches being taken across the city.

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