If you're having difficulty with day to day tasks at home, you may need some extra support.

The type of things you may need help with include:

  • washing
  • getting dressed
  • moving around your home
  • using the bathroom
  • cooking
  • getting in and out of bed

We may be able to offer you short-term assistance to help you stay independent at home; we call this regaining independent living ('reablement'). Find out who can get adult social care and how we can make an assessment of your needs.

Personal budgets

If you need longer-term help or someone to visit you in your home on a regular basis, you may qualify for a 'personal budget' so you can choose and pay for the support you need.

Choosing a care provider

Further information on local services, providers and groups in the area can be found through Live Well York.

You can also download a list of home care providers.

Always make sure the provider you choose is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

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