Our Short Breaks service helps children and young people with disabilities, as part of a regular and supported package of care for them and their family.

We provide the opportunity for children to:

  • take part in family or community-based activities
  • make new friends
  • gain independence
  • broaden their horizons

Breaks can be anything from a few hours to a few days a month. They're designed for children with a permanent and substantial impairment or illness, which has a profound effect on their health, development and social functioning.

We provide families with a break from caring, whilst they are reassured their child is safe and enjoying new and positive experiences with their Short Break carer.

A short film made in partnership with The Children's Society gives an idea of what Short Break care can involve:

More information about Short Breaks

See further information about our Short Breaks service:

Find work as a Short Break carer

Work with York recruit Short Break carers who offer support to families of disabled children and young people, with a range of learning and physical disabilities.

They also offer a range of social work and social care placements with us.

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