Adoptive family profile of Mark, Luke and Harry

We’re Mark and Luke from York and we adopted in 2013. As we are a same-sex couple, options for us to have a child are limited, and we felt that adoption was the correct route for us. We had some concerns that the assessment process may have been more difficult for us as a same-sex couple, but it quickly became clear from the earliest stages of discussion with the social workers that this was certainly not the case.

We formed a good relationship with our social worker through the assessment process, and were comfortable to be open and honest in our discussions, which we are sure helped in the matching process. We felt well prepared for approval panel, where we were approved as adopters.

During the matching process we were shown the profile of an 18 month old boy called Harry. We met his social worker, medical advisor and foster carer and decided to proceed to matching panel where we were approved as prospective adopters for Harry.

We spent ten days working through some carefully planned introductions, to ease Harry’s transition to living with us. This prepared us to continue the same routine in our home, hence minimising the trauma of the move for Harry. His foster carer was invaluable in facilitating this process, and we have continued to feel able to contact her for support long afterwards.

After Harry came to live with us, Luke stayed at home on adoption leave, whilst Mark went back to work after approximately 10 days.

Our adoption order was granted after approximately 6 months, making us legally a family. We can’t now imagine life being any other way. Harry has settled in well and is a happy child who is a lot of fun to be around.

We are very grateful to the York team for matching us with Harry, we really feel that he was the right child for us. The support we received from the team at York during the assessment, matching, introductions, placement and finally adoption was excellent and we are pleased we chose to use York as our adoption agency.

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