Adoptive family profile of Liz, Owen and Rosie

We adopted in 2012. We were unable to have birth children and, whilst having fertility treatment, we had begun to consider adoption as an alternative route to having a family. After we had decided to no longer pursue fertility treatment we attended an open evening at York's Children's Services office where we received a lot of useful information.

We considered applying to adopt through other councils but decided York would be the best for our circumstances and was especially good for access to post-adoption support.

Once we had given it a great deal of thought and read a lot (especially resources provided by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering) we decided we definitely wanted to adopt. It was a very positive and exciting decision but also one that brought anxiety about the process, about whether we would be approved but also about the unknowns of being an adoptive family. A lot of this anxiety was unnecessary, as the process of approval is clearly structured and York's social workers are very supportive.

Once we were approved we began the process of being matched. As York predominantly matches adopters with children from different councils this brought new uncertainties about having to work with a new set of social workers and at times feeling like we had to be approved by them too. However, we again received a great deal of support and, once we had been matched, we were so excited and could start to imagine our soon-to-be family.

We were matched with a little girl called Rosie who was 18 months old. Leading up to the matching panel we learnt more and more about Rosie and could tell that a great deal of thought had gone into finding a good match for us and for her.

Meeting Rosie was the happiest day of our lives. After she came to live with us we continued to receive support from York council and from Rosie's own social worker, all of which was invaluable in establishing our new family and making sure Rosie would build a strong attachment to us.

The first couple of months after placement were difficult for Rosie as everything she had known in her life so far had changed.  Her anxiety particularly showed at bed times when it was sometimes very hard for her to settle. But, as each day went by, she felt more and more secure and bed times became easier and easier. Over the months that followed it was very rewarding to see how she was becoming more attached to us and more settled in our family.

Rosie is now a very happy and confident 3 year old.  We are a very happy family and have never looked back on our decision to adopt.

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